Baby Shark Do do do do

07 08 2019 possible.png


Head: Catwa Daniel – :Main Store:
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Punky Ears:Main Store:
Body: Signature Gianni :Main Store:
Skin: Stray Dog Damien :Main Store:
Shape: made by Tadeu Gartner :MP Link:
Hair: Doux Toni :Main Store:
Makeup: Zibska Februus Makeup :Main Store:
Scales: Mad’ Creature BodyTattoo :Main Store:
Fins: MK Gianni Merman Ear Flippers, Arm Flippers :Main Store:


Necklace: Gabriel Nenjyu Necklace Gacha Item :Main Store:
Tail: The Cove Tidal Tail Base Male :Mermaid Cove 2 by Flair for Events:
Belt: MK Gianni Merman Coral Hips :Main Store:


My Gurdain (Animesh Shark): Hilted Baby Shark Pink :Mermaid Cove 2 by Flair for Events:
Pose: KH Mermaid pose 2 :Main Store:
SIM: Lost Gadens of Thera @ New Santorini  :SLURL:



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