I need a healer

07 08 2019.png


Head: Catwa Daniel – :Main Store:
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Ears HD :Main Store:
Body: Signature Gianni :Main Store:
Skin: Stray Dog Jonatas :Main Store:
Shape: made by Tadeu Gartner :MP Link:
Hair: Stealthic Rebellion :Main Store:


Top: Tori Torricelli Luca Double Tank :Main Store: :Main Cave Event:
Pants: Tori Torricelli Luca Casual Ridged Pants :Main Store: :Main Cave Event:
Bracelet: FTWB Keagan Mens Leather Wristband 4 :Mens Jail Event June:


Chair: Unorthodox Underworld Waka Waka Couch :Loading… Event::Main Store:
Neon Sign: Papermoon Lethal Fight Friendship? :Loading… Event::Main Store:
Backdrop: Foxcity Crescent room  :Main Store:

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